The JET3up continuous inkjet printer masters complex marking tasks of up to 5 lines and achieves production speeds up to 10m/s (36km/h or 1960 ft/min). Over 800 functions make the JET3up inkjet printer an all-around talent in coding and marking.

The JET3up PI is a pigment ink printer primarily used for cables and many other products with dark backgrounds. The unique hydraulic system in the JET3up PI ensures that pigmented inks do not set, ensuring the printer is ready for use at all times.

The Jet3up PRO is rated IP65, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof. The continuous inkjet printer is ideal for applications in the food and beverage industry and for extremely harsh production environments.

The EP printer series is specifically geared toward egg producers who are required to mark or code their products or who want to print messages or imprints directly onto the egg or the packaging for promotional purposes.

The JET3up MI prints especially small fonts or logos down to 0.7 mm with its extra-fine nozzle. The micro printer is also ideal for printing a large amount of information in a tiny space.

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