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About Us

Pacific Labeling & Integration is known in the industry for high quality automated labeling products and system designs. PLI leads the way as one of Label-aire’s most respected distributors.

Our highly trained staff is ready to serve your every labeling need from sales, repair and custom designs. Pacific Labeling & Integration understands the customer’s needs from every angle and PLI’s knowledge of the automated labeling industry allows for the development of the most reliable, cost efficient, and creative solutions. Label-aire has always designed and manufactured label applicators that can stand up to the abuse inherent of 24 hours of production line demands. PLI prides itself on being able to solve the most complex customer needs with creativity, while maintaining its highest asset: quality. Our ability to customize products and solutions sets it apart from many of its competitors.

We welcome you to begin the implementation process for automated labeling systems design now. Our approach is straightforward and we start by understanding: your business, your unique labeling needs and specific concerns. The process will begin first with a consultation regarding finding a solution for your unique circumstances with questions about your current systems and processes. We will design products to support these solutions through the implementation process. Lastly, we will provide ongoing support of these products and solutions until you see the results necessary to succeed.

Meet Our Team

  • Gregg Van Epps
    Gregg Van Epps Sr. Account Executive

    PH: 909-390-5631

  • Alex Rojas
    Alex Rojas Director of Operations

    PH: (909) 212-8202

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