Titan Ink Delivery System



  • Utilizes large 1/2 gallon ink bottle, eliminating the constant need to replace small, expensive ink cartridges
  • Translucent bottle allows you to easily see ink level
  • Bottle design allows you to utilize every drop of Squid Ink
  • System uses Squid Ink’s patented SQ-60™ no-clog ink, allowing users to leave ink in printheads for an extended period of time without flushing or cleaning


The Titan Ink Delivery System

The TITAN provides users with an alternative ink source for the Marsh Unicorn™, Little David Microjet™ and other entry-level DOD ink jet printing systems.

Squid Ink Lets You Have It Your Way

Customers asked for it and Squid Ink delivered. Squid Ink’s Titan Ink delivery system provides users with an alternative ink source for the most common entry-level dot matrix ink jet printing systems. Using ink packaged in proprietary OEM containers can be very expensive. Squid Ink’s Titan bypasses their proprietary ink containers, connects directly to the printer, and allows users to run large volume ink containers at a low cost.

High-Quality Ink For Less

Customers using Squid Ink DOD fluids often experience longer machine life, less downtime and lower maintenance costs than when they use competitive products. When the Squid Ink bottle runs low, users can pour any remaining ink into the next bottle being used. This offers 100% utilization of every drop of Squid Ink. When Squid Ink bottles are empty, users simply discard empty un-covered bottles in the garbage. Competitive bottles always contain some residual ink and will not dry out. These bottles are considered a hazardous waste and must be discarded accordingly.


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