JET Rapid Wire PI



These are the ideal printers for cables, pipes and wires, with ultra-high throughput and maximum extrusion productivity. They can reliably keep up with required production speeds and always produce easily legible imprints. Due to the possibility of using light-colored pigmented inks this printer is eminently suitable for printing on dark backgrounds.

The printers from the JET Rapid Wire series are the first inkjet printers to match the high speeds of cable marking. With these inkjet printers, you can fully capitalize on your productivity. Extremely fast marking will significantly speed up your production process and increase the efficiency of the production line.

At printing speeds of up to 700 m/min, you can still print clearly legible characters on a wide variety of surfaces and materials without contact. Whether cables, pipes or wires – the JET Rapid Wire PI is ideal to successfully take on your challenge.


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