905 Series for Kwik Lok Systems Produce



An Ideal Solution for Produce Packing

The 905 Series CoPilot UV LED Curing System integrated with Kwik Lok’s 865 Automatic Bag Closing Machine provides an ideal solution for produce packers printing sell by dates, suggested list prices, 2D bar codes, and more on fresh produce bag closures.

Make a Mark That Lasts

maintenance ink cured only by UV LED light. The ink won’t dry until it comes in contact with the UV light, meaning a lower maintenance solution than all other ink jet technologies. This instant LED curing ink leaves a permanent mark that is impervious to environmental factors such as sunlight, water, moisture, temperature, and contains virtually no VOCs, making it ideal for food applications. Additionally, the 905 Series CoPilot system utilizes easy-to-use software modified specifically for the produce industry for easy message programming and recall.

Out With the Old, In With the New

UV LED technology offers several advantages over existing TTO (thermal transfer overprint) systems currently used in produce applications. Squid Ink’s 905 Series CoPilot system does not require compressed air, making it an easy install anywhere in the plant, or in the field. In addition, the 905 system offers 20-25 times fewer ink/ribbon changes, and up to 5 times lower cost per print. Typical cost per print is 20 cents per 1,000 loks. Add in a longer printhead life span and no work stoppages for ribbon breaks, and users will enjoy increased savings on their initial and ongoing operating costs.

Designed for Durability

Squid Ink’s 905 Series CoPilot UV LED Curing System is designed to meet the demands of your application. You can be confident that the 905 CoPilot’s rugged design will withstand your produce packaging environment while providing superior quality print and UV curing. For ease of integration, the 905 Series mounts directly to Kwik Lok’s 865 Closure Machine and requires no need for preheating or compressed air. The 905 UV LED system can be programmed to run in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode to match the operation of your manufacturing line. For quick start-ups, 905’s fast response functionality means that the system can be powered on and ready to go at an instant, eliminating downtime and increasing your ROI.


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